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We are constantly searching for high-calibre future care professionals across the world, whether this means searching across England, in continental Europe, or as far as Australia and New Zealand. We know that the type of people we want working at Penrose Care are rare and hard to find, so we know the efforts we spend searching for them are worth it.However, sometimes in our searches outside of the UK, sometimes we find individuals who would be great care professionals, but need to improve their English and gradually transition into life in the UK. For these individuals, we want them to have the opportunity to live with a loving family in London as an au pair, where they could improve their English, hopefully provide bilingual skills to the family’s children, and as with all our services at Penrose Care, provide excellent care with compassion to the family’s children.

What is an au pair?
An au pair is typically a young adult from a foreign country who lives with a host family providing in-home childcare services in exchange for room and board and some spending money.
A detailed explanation of what an au pair is may be obtained from the British Au Pair Agencies Association website:
  • Cost effective childcare: Au pairs are typically much cheaper than hiring a live-out nanny or other live-in nanny if a family has a spare room. This is because a large portion of the au pair’s compensation is in the form of room and board a family would otherwise go without utilising.
  • Cultural exchange benefits: The host family parents and children and the au pair benefit from learning about each others cultures, and hopefully, each other’s language
  • Improving the UK economy: We strive to ensure that au pairs coming to England via our service are high-calibre individuals which would be in the top-tier of their chosen profession in England if they had proficient English. We of course would hope that this chosen field is social care or other health related field. As a result, we would expect great things from au pairs coming to England through our au pair agency service.
  • Please note that an au pair is not permitted to have continuous solde charge of children under the age of two.
Our service
We allow potential host families to use the recruitment infrastructure we use to hire the best care professionals in the UK, Europe and elsewhere to search for an exceptional au pair. These include extensive recruitment network, especially across Spain, an experienced team based in north west London, and a recruiter on the ground in continental Europe. Specifically, our au pair agency service includes:

  • Utilising our recruitment contacts to identify suitable au pairs that fit a family’s requested criteria. The family utilising our au pair agency services are known as a “host family”. Families may select variety of criteria including language, gender, nationality, age, driving skills, cooking skills, past experience, length of availability and various other factors.
  • Providing initial screening of initial candidate pool. Candidates from the Madrid area of Spain may receive a screening interview in person
  • Assisting the host family in preparing interview questions for the candidates we refer to them and assessing the results of the interviews
  • Assisting the host family in selecting a final au pair to hire
  • Assisting in preparing a service agreement between the host family and the au pair
  • Assisting in logistics of moving the au pair to London, England
  • Supporting the family in providing training to the au pair (including but not limited to language training), administrative support, and conflict resolution support if necessary
  • Supporting an au pair ending his/her service to either return to his/her home country or seek professional career options in England
  • Supporting the family in finding a replacement au pair or nanny prior to the existing au pairs work term expiring
Host families using Penrose Care’s au pair agency agree to provide an au pair:
  • In-bound and outbound flights: Coverage for the au pair’s inbound flight and return flight home. If an open return ticket is not purchased, a reasonable deposit for the cost of a return flight must be deposited with Penrose Care.
  • Travel and car insurance: Coverage for travel insurance and if applicable, car insurance, for the au pair
  • General insurance for the au pair: See here Au Pair Insurance.
  • Room & Board: Host families agree to provide an au pair with an individual bedroom or shared bedroom and provide food and drink to the au pair
  • Working week: At least two days free per week and be provided weekly working hours of at least 25/week but not more than 35/week. The working week is to include two evenings of babysitting per week.
  • Overtime: Extra hours above 35 hours/week (but must below 48 hours/week) must be paid at a rate at least equivalent to the London Living Wage which is currently £8.80/hour and you may be required to operate a PAYE system with the HMRC.
  • Holidays: At least 28 days holiday/year, pro-rata if an au pair’s term with a host family is less than one year
  • English and first aid courses: Fund the au pairs English language courses and pediatric first aid course and provide sufficient time away from work to complete these courses
  • Spending money allowance: Provide the au pair with £90/week in spending money if the au pair has their own bedroom or £109/week in spending money if the au pair is sharing a room with one other person
In addition, Penrose Care charges host families the following fees for utilising our services. Fees are based on the length of the au pair’s term with the host family:
  • Up to 3 months: £240 (£200 ex-VAT)
  • Up to 6 months: £300 (£250 ex-VAT)
  • Up to 9 months: £450 (£375 ex-VAT)
  • Up to 12 months: £540 (£450 ex-VAT)
Getting started
If you are a family based in London and interested in using our au pair agency service, please contact:Clare-Ann Fransen
020 7435 2644 you are based in Spain, and interested in working as an au pair in London, England, please contact our Madrid-based Director of European Recruitment:

María Ferragut
+34 616 412 188

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