Key Policies and Procedures


Our policy is that any information about you is strictly confidential and that maintaining a position of trust in this regard is paramount. However, because some information is relevant to providing quality support, such information will be shared with members of staff who may be supporting you. Visiting professionals and visitors requiring information will be referred in the first instance to the Registered Manager or the person in charge within the agency. You or, where appropriate, your principal Carer will be consulted where appropriate before information is released.

Information about you will be stored in paper form, and may also be held on computer. Both forms are treated in the same strictly confidential way.

Information about you is needed in order to enable staff to provide proper support and treatment. Some of the information may also be used for other purposes, such as:

  • Making sure our services meet your needs
  • Helping staff to review the support they provide to you to help them achieve the highest standards
  • Investigating complaints or legal claims
  • Auditing of our services

Sometimes information about you needs to be passed on to other agencies or organisations, for example if you are receiving care or support from a GP or hospital. The types of organisations with whom we may share information about you are:

  • GPs
  • District nurses
  • Other health professionals
  • Social workers
  • Care Quality Commission

Data Protection

In line with the Data Protection Act 1998, we have policies and procedures which prevent us from giving your information to anyone else without your permission. Under the Act, you have the right to see the personal information we have about you(depending on some conditions). If you want to see the records that we have of information about you, please contact us at 020 7435 2644.

Gifts, Wills and Other Documents

All employees are expressly forbidden to act as witnesses to the signature of any documents such as wills and testaments. Neither employees nor the service may be a beneficiary under a Will of any past or present Client. Gifts to staff are subject to disclosure to the Registered Manager, and may be refused on the basis of conflict of interest.

Client’s Personal Fulfillment

The aim of Penrose Care Ltd is to actively help you to lead a fulfilling life within the limits of your abilities and wishes, and to recognise and cater for you should you wish not to be active or socialise.

Staff will take an interest in things that you have done in the past and discuss current interests, particularly those you wish to retain. They will assist you in developing skills and following your interests.

You will be central to the devising of your Client Plans. A family member, friend or external advocate may also be involved as is considered appropriate. Staff will endeavour at all times to create a stimulating environment and to focus on maximising your potential. They will attend to your complete needs irrespective of how your disabilities may affect them. Your are an equal and unique human being and will be offered help and services according to your own unique needs, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality, culture or state of health.

Risk Taking & Risk Management

The assessment of risk is addressed as part of the commencement of service process for each person and the results are integrated into the Client Plan. By this process of integration your views, the views of the principal carer, family members and professional advisors will be fully taken into account, as part of the participative Client Planning process.

The following checklist of issues forms the basis of the risk management assessment. Each issue will be discussed in detail and those discussions will be recorded and will determine the way in which Penrose Care Ltd aims to undertake to meet your wishes:

  • Privacy;
  • Visitors;
  • Attendance at clubs and centres;
  • Going to places of worship and other activities;
  • Engaging in leisure and recreational pursuits;
  • Carrying identification;
  • Bathing;
  • Use of stairs;
  • Degree of independence;
  • Seeking help in an emergency.

Equal Opportunities

You have the right to practise your beliefs, religion or culture without constraint by restrictive or discriminatory practice.

Complaints of discriminatory practice will be thoroughly investigated and the results of the investigation made known to the complainant.

All complaints will be recorded in such a way as to highlight repeated problems.

Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate behaviour is the systematic maltreatment, or physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse of one person by another.

Penrose Care Ltd is committed to preventing inappropriate behaviour and if you, a carer, friend or relative has any concerns in this area, they should discuss this immediately with a senior staff member, or use the formal complaints procedure.

You, your principal carers and relatives will be kept informed of the progress of the investigation into any complaint.

Fees and Payments

You are personally liable for any fees associated with the provision of your care.

The fees associated with your care and support shall be published in your support planand ClientTerms and Conditions (Contract). You will also receive corresponding invoices.

Fees associated with your service shall be paid in advance as ageed in your ClientTerms and Conditions (Contract).

In addition, you will likely be required to provide a deposit equalling the scheduled cost of the first four week’s of your care and support provided this is specified in your ClientTerms and Conditions (Contract).

The primary method of payment at Penrose Care is standing order for scheduled care and bank transfer for out-of-schedule care. Specific payment details will be provided in your ClientTerms and Conditions (Contract) and invoices.


Please see page 11 of your Client Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation of services

From 14 days’ of signing your Client Terms and Conditions, you may cancel within a 14 days’ grace period.

In all other cases, you must give us at least 30 days’ notice in writing if you no longer require the Service or want to suspend the Service for a period of time. If you give less than 30 days’ notice we reserve the right to charge a Cancellation Fee or a Service Suspension Fee as set out in the Fee Schedule.If you had paid a deposit prior to this cancellation, the deposit will be returned to you less the cost of any services that may have already been rendered and not yet been paid for.