Staying at Home
We are constantly searching for high-calibre future care professionals across the world, whether this means searching across England, in continental Europe, or as far as Australia and New Zealand. We know that the type of people we want working at Penrose Care are rare and hard to find, so we know the efforts we spend searching for them are worth it.

However, sometimes we find excellent potential recruits who would prefer to work in childcare. Rather than letting such difficult to find talent pass us, we would prefer to support them in finding a role as a nanny so that a fortunate family in London may receive excellent care with compassion for their child or children.

Our service
In the conduct of the recruitment efforts for our adult social care service in England, we allow suitable candidates who would rather work in childcare train to be professional nannies and support them in finding London families looking for exceptional child carers who are honest, compassionate, hard working and intelligent.
A nanny your family hires through our nanny agency service must be paid at least the London Living Wage which is currently £8.80/hour. However, we note that nannies in London are typically paid quite a bit above this rate.

Penrose Care charges a negotiated fee for utilising our nanny agency service depending on the experience of the nanny being hired, the length of service, and whether or not the family utilising our nanny agency service prefers to pay a one-off fee or ongoing monthly fee.

Getting started
If you are a family based in London and interested in using our nanny agency service, please contact:

Clare-Ann Fransen
020 7435 2644

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