Outstanding CQC inspection report of Penrose Care shows ethical standards can drive excellence in care

Belsize Village, London, 15 July 2013:
Hampstead-based Penrose Care, north London’s only Accredited Living Wage Employer in the home care sector, was found to be compliant with all regulatory standards by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) following its first inspection since commencing services in May 2013.

We are proud to be achieving our original aim to raise standards in home care
Penrose Care, which is based in Belsize Village in Hampstead, London, provides home care services to families throughout north west London. The company was founded in July 2012 by two north west London-residents, Robert Stephenson-Padron, a healthcare analyst; and Dr. Matthew Knight, a hospital physician. “We set up Penrose Care with an aim to raise the standards in home care,” said Dr. Knight, “Following the excellent feedback we’ve received from our first clients and now this outstanding review from the CQC, we are incredibly proud that our original aims are being achieved.”
Penrose Care was found to be compliant with all care standards by the CQC
During a routine inspection on 05 June, the CQC found Penrose Care met all quality care standards and noted the satisfaction with our services from a relative of our first client who noted they were “very happy [about the service” and that Penrose Care’s staff were “very caring”. The inspection follows Penrose Care’s original registration with the CQC in November 2012 and its commencement of services in May 2013.
We are committed to ethical practices and excellence in care
Penrose Care has 10 employees and 5 clients and expects both of these numbers to continue to rise due to its ethical labour practices and commitment to excellence in care. Staff are supported in providing excellent care with compassion from Penrose Care maintaining numerous ethical practices including being only one of three Accredited Living Wage Employers in the London-home care sector out of c 925 agencies, providing an initial training program that is c 12 days vs the 1-3 days typical in the home care sector and support for staff to pursue vocational QCF diplomas, paying workers for their training time and course fees, and paying workers for their travel time between client homes.
Our caring organisation is supported by advanced technology
Penrose Care’s ethical practices are complimented by its adoption of advanced technology that assist staff in maximising the time they spend providing care and support. Our technology was highlighted in the CQC’s inspection report: “staff had a mobile phone which they used to report that they had arrived at or left from a person’s home”. This statement refers to our NFC-enabled time management system, which is substantially more efficient than the telephone-based call monitoring system commonly used in the home care sector.
We want our community to know there is a local home care provider they can trust
“Especially during this period of heightened media coverage of failings in our care system, we want our community to know that there is a local home care provider they can trust to be committed to operating ethically and providing excellent care and support,” said Robert Stephenson-Padron, Penrose Care’s managing director, “Although we are still a small organisation, we are confident that as we get this message out, we will grow to become a significant employer and a preferred provider of home care services in north west London.”
Inspection Report – Penrose Care Limited (Date of Inspection: 05 June 2013): 10 July 2013 (CQC, 2013), available online (scheduled to be posted online on Wednesday, 17 July 2013): http://www.cqc.org.uk/directory/1-502152385 You may also request a PDF copy by sending an email request to enquiries@penrosecare.co.uk.
Robert Stephenson-Padron
Managing Director

Penrose Care
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Belsize Lane
London NW3 5BG (GB)

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About Penrose Care
Penrose Care was established in 2012 in response to what its founders perceived as a need to fundamentally reform the home care industry in the UK. The vision of Penrose Care is simple – we aspire to deliver an excellent and professional care at home services to our clients combined with compassion, so that all those that we care for feel just that – cared for. We believe that if we are to fulfill our mission of providing “home care with a human touch”, then we have to employ the best care professionals in the industry. We feel that we have just that team, and have built this up by focusing heavily on looking after our staff so that we can be confident in the superior quality of our home care services. Penrose Care is headquartered in Belsize Village, north London and was founded by Robert Stephenson-Padron, a healthcare research analyst, and Dr. Matthew Knight, a hospital physician.
Penrose Care Ltd is registered and therefore licensed to provide services by the Care Quality Commission (Provider ID: 1-502152385). For more information, please visit www.cqc.org.uk

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