Penrose Care among the first Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard employers

Belsize Village, London, UK: Penrose Care is honoured to announce that it is one of the first sixteen private businesses to be accredited with the Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard, an initiative of the Greater London Authority to promote decent work in London.

Penrose Care was provisionally accredited at the launch of the Good Work Standard on July 29, 2019 and fully accredited on September 24, 2019 following full completion of city hall’s rigorous screening process.

The Good Work Standard assesses organisations on four pillars: 1) Pay & Conditons (of which the real Living Wage is a focal point), 2) Workplace Wellbeing, 3) Skills and Development, and 4) Diversity and Recruitment. Achievement of the standard certifies that the organisation’s meet the “benchmark for the best employment standards.”


Penrose Care managers Olga Garcia, Robert Stephenson-Padron and Nikoletta Makouli at London City Hall for the first Good Work Standard discussion with the Greater London Authority on July 17, 2018.

Following the accreditation, Penrose Care’s managing director said:

“Penrose Care’s accreditation with the Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard is a further stamp of approval of Penrose Care’s pioneering work in the ethical provision of home care for the elderly and disabled. Our journey to accreditation began on July 17, 2018 when City Hall was developing the program. Penrose Care has demonstrated that ethical labour standards are both morally right and good business decisions. Ethical labour standards promote staff’s mental wellbeing, which aid staff in providing the highest levels of customer service. Penrose Care wishes the Mayor of London all the best in his efforts to promote decent work in London and we are honoured to be part of these efforts.”


Penrose Care therapy cat in training Quita the Kitty with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan at Penrose Care’s last physical Good Work Standard accreditation meeting at City Hall on May 3, 2019.

At the launch of the Good Work Standard on July 29, 2019, Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn said:

“Tackling poverty and inequality is one of the reasons I got into politics. London and the whole country are still simply too unequal – and it is bad for our both our economy and our society. I want to make London a fairer city by ensuring that all Londoners get the opportunities that our city gave to me when I was growing up.

“The Good Work Standard will play a key role in tackling poverty and inequality in London. I’m calling on employers across our city to play their part – to pay the London Living Wage, to pursue greater diversity at senior levels, to achieve the highest standards in wellbeing and training, and to ensure that their workers have a voice in the workplace.

“Employers will make these changes because they want to do the right thing, but also because they will see great benefit in terms of recruitment and productivity. City Hall will now do everything possible to ensure that many more employers – in every sector and of every size – sign up to the Good Work Standard.”


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Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard

Link to Mayor of London’s press release launching the Good Work Standard.

About Penrose Care

Penrose Care is an ethical provider of home care services in London, United Kingdom to adults with disabilities such as acquired brain injury and elderly persons including those with dementia. The company operates upon a fundamental belief that to promote a caring workforce, the organisation itself must be caring. As the pioneer of ethics in home care in the UK, Penrose Care in 2012 became one of the first four providers in the United Kingdom to become an Accredited Living Wage Employer and in 2013 the first independent sector provider to be compliant with Citizens UK’s landmark Social Care Charter. Penrose Care was named the Living Wage Champion for the London region in 2016 and for Industry Leadership in 2018 by the Living Wage Foundation. In July 2019, Penrose Care was named as one of the first 16 private businesses accredited with the Mayor of London’s new Good Work Standard to promote decent work in London.

Penrose Care’s ethical social care framework has garnered international acclaim, resulting in Penrose Care receiving research delegations from Canada, China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. Penrose Care is rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, the highest rating given by England’s health and social care regulator.

Penrose Care’s ethical approach promotes higher quality social care workers and low staff turnover which in turn results in excellent care. Penrose Care is headquartered in Belsize Village, north London – between Hampstead, Belsize Park and Swiss Cottage / Finchley Road – and was founded by Robert Stephenson-Padron, a healthcare research analyst, and Dr. Matthew Knight, a hospital physician.

About the Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard

The Mayor’s Good Work Standard sets the benchmark for the best employment standards and helps employers contribute to a fairer and more inclusive London economy. This means the economy works for all Londoners and more Londoners can access good jobs, in workplaces that support their health and wellbeing.

To make this happen, the Mayor is working with businesses like ours to celebrate excellent work practices and assist businesses in adopting best practice approaches by bringing together a range of support and resources.

By signing up to the Mayor’s Good Work Standard, employers signal that they are committed to healthy, fair and inclusive workplaces. We know this is an important step in attracting and retaining a diverse, talented and successful workforce and we hope to assist other businesses in realising these benefits.

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