Promoting the Living Wage in Home Care: Remarks at the House of Lords

Below is a transcript of remarks by Robert Stephenson-Padron delivered at the Citizens UK / Living Wage Foundation event “Promoting the Living Wage in Challenging Sectors” on March 10, 2015 at the House of Lords. The event was hosted by Baroness Jan Royall

My name is Robert Stephenson-Padron, managing director of home care provider Penrose Care. The Living Wage is important to me because in care, I believe that promote a caring workforce the organisation itself must be caring.

To be caring – at its foundation – Penrose Care put in place various ethical initiatives of which the Living Wage is the corner stone, as well as other elements contained in Citizens UK’s landmark Social care Charter: sufficient training, continuity, no short visits, and community engagement.

What have the results been? The results have been a care company which attracts people with a genuine vocation to care, rather than people who have no choice.

Having people in your workforce who genuinely want to care is so important because if you’re a person whose only contact throughout the day is your care worker, it makes a huge difference if that person actually wants to see you.

The ethical care Penrose Care is delivering has also led to business success – which is a testament that doing the right thing can make good business sense. Penrose Care is growing, our customers are ever more satisfied, and our staff morale is always high – it makes it a pleasure to run the organisation.

My work at Penrose Care has proven to me that paying the living wage is a credible message to our employees that we care about them as human beings, and I would encourage all employers who can, to pay the Living Wage.

Robert Stephenson-Padron is the managing director of London-based home care provider Penrose Care that supports the elderly and disabled with social care needs in their own homes. Mr. Stephenson-Padron was named “The Most Outstanding Leader in the Care Sector in the UK” in the 2014 UK Housing Over 50s Housing Awards.

2015-03-10 (Stephenson-Padron, Robert Penrose Care) House of Lords quote photo

Quote photo on Living Wage of Robert Stephenson-Padron from remarks at the House of Lords.

2015-03-10 (Penrose Care) Robert Stephenson-Padron speaking House of Lords

Robert Stephenson-Padron speaking about promoting the Living Wage in home care at the House of Lords (March 10, 2015)

2015-03-10 (Penrose Care) Robert Stephenson-Padron with Baroness Royall

Penrose Care Managing Director Robert Stephenson-Padron with Baroness Jan Royall at the House of Lords (March 10, 2015)

2015-03-10 (Penrose Care) Robert Stephenson-Padron with Living Wage Foundation House of Lords

Penrose Care Managing Director with activists from Citizens UK and the Living Wage Foundation at the House of Lords (March 10, 2015)

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