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Instilling compassion into home care
Penrose Care was established in 2012 in response to what we perceived as a need to fundamentally reform the home care sector in the UK to help improve elderly care and disabilities care in the UK. The vision of Penrose Care is simple – we aspire to deliver excellent and professional home care services to our clients combined with compassion so that all those that we care for feel just that – cared for.
Committed to being a centre of excellence in home care
Inspired by what they had seen in health care centres of excellence over the years in the course of their professional work and by their own personal experiences within their families, Penrose Care was founded by Robert Stephenson-Padron, a health care analyst, and Dr Matthew Knight, a local hospital physician.
Excellence in care starts with those delivering it
We believe that if we are to fulfill our mission, of providing “home care with a human touch”, then we have to employ the best care professionals in the sector. We feel that we have just that team, and have built this up by focusing heavily on looking after our staff. We train our staff to ensure that they are up to date with all Skills for Care recommendations (not just the obligatory ones). We strive to create a good working environment and ensure that our staff are paid well (in fact, we are one of only a few London Living Wage employers in the home care sector).
Based in the heart of Belsize Village, Hampstead

We believe in serving the local community. Our first branch is based in the heart of Belsize Village, NW3, in north west London, the community in which the founders and directors have lived for (in the case of some) decades.

Personalised care with compassion and dignity

The Penrose Care model means that we have our contract directly with those we care for (be that privately paid or via direct payments), and are not reliant on block contracts from the local authority. This gives us the independence to be able to truly design a package of care around the needs of our clients.

Please explore our website, email us, or give us a call to arrange a chat, a home visit or to pop into our office in the heart of Belsize village. We believe that we offer a unique personalised care service that can help you or your loved ones live a more joyful and secure life at home.

Penrose Care co-founders Dr. Matthew Knight (left) and Robert Stephenson-Padron (Right) Pamplona, Spain (June 4, 2012)

Penrose Care co-foundersDr. Matthew Knight (left) and Robert Stephenson-Padron (Right) Pamplona, Spain (June 4, 2012)


United Kingdom Homecare Association Ltd (UKHCA) is the professional association of home care providers from the independent, voluntary, not-for-profit and statutory sectors. UKHCA helps organisations that provide social care, which may include nursing services, to people in their own homes, promoting high standards of care and providing representation with national and regional policy-makers and regulators.The Association represents over two-thousand members across the United Kingdom, in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
A London Living Wage Employer ensures that all employees are paid at least the Living Wage set by the Mayor of London. This includes individuals who work on a regular basis at your premises for a subcontractor, such as cleaners or security staff. Living Wage Employers report improved morale, lower turn over of staff, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and improved customer service.The Living Wage Employer mark recognises and celebrates this leadership.
Citizens UK has developed a Charter spelling out the basic standards that would enable quality for the recipient and dignity for the worker. These standards are not ground-breaking but what we are building is a movement, where recipients, care workers, providers and commissioners can work together to bring about the social care system we all want to see.