your right as user

Penrose Care is committed to operating ethically and transparently and wants to make you aware of your rights when engaging with Penrose Care, a home care provider regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

During your or your loved one’s initial support assessment through to you or your loved one receiving home care support services from Penrose Care, you should at the minimum, expect the following*:

1. To be respected, involved in your care and support and told what’s happening at every stage.
  • You will be involved in discussions about your care, treatment and support.
  • You will get support to help you make decisions and staff will respect your privacy and dignity.
  • Before you receive any care, treatment or support you will be asked whether or not you agree to it.
2. Care, treatment and support that meets your needs.
  • Your personal needs will be assessed to make sure you get safe and appropriate care that supports your rights.
  • You will get the care that you and your social care professional agree will make a difference to your health and wellbeing.
  • If you have more than one care provider, or if you are moved between services, you will get coordinated care.
  • You can expect care in your home to meet your needs relating to your cultural background, language, gender, disability, age, sexuality, religion or beliefs.
3. To be safe.
  • You will be protected from abuse or the risk of abuse and staff will respect your human rights.
  • If your home-care agency is providing personal or nursing care, you will get the medicines you need when you need them and in a safe way.
4. To be cared for by staff with the right skills to do their jobs properly.
  • You will be cared for by staff that have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to meet your health and welfare needs.
  • You will be looked after by staff who are well managed and who have the chance to develop and improve their skills.
5. Us to routinely check the quality of our services.
  • The managers of your home-care agency will regularly monitor the quality of the services they provide to make sure you receive the support you need.
  • Your personal records will be accurate and will be kept safe and confidential.
  • You, or someone acting on your behalf, can complain and will be listened to. Your complaint will be acted on properly.
  • The law now makes sure you are supported to make a complaint when you need to, and your home-care agency must settle the complaint for you (or your representative) in a satisfactory way.

* These expectations are derived from the National Standards which are available at the following page of the CQC’s website: