Our values

Compassion should be at the heart of care. As we want the best care for our families, we believe you deserve the best care for your family. In order to provide the best care, we strongly believe we need the best people.
We are committed to providing the best care provided by the best staff
Penrose Care is proud to be one of the first home care agencies in London to be an Accredited Living Wage Employer. We see this as a demonstration of our genuine commitment to do things better and differently. Our Living Wage commitment stems from our belief that core to successfully delivering excellent home care with compassion is having the best staff, selected for their human touch as well as their professional qualities.

To attract such talent, we have to provide a decent wage as well as an enjoyable workplace that equips them with the best training and infrastructure. Care is a person-to-person service, and so by attracting and retaining the best people in the sector, we believe we can provide the best home care in England.

We are committed to providing excellent care with compassion
The vision of Penrose Care is simple – we aspire to deliver an excellent and professional home care service to our clients combined with compassion, so that all those that we care for feel just that – cared for. This vision drives our organisation’s culture and operating practices. These practices include the adoption of the ‘always’ events recommended in June 2012 by the Commission on Dignity in Care for Older People:
Always treat those in your care as they wish to be treated – with respect, dignity and courtesy.
Always remember nutrition and hydration needs.

Always encourage formal and informal feedback from older people and their relatives, carers and advocates, to improve practice.

Always challenge poor practice at the time – and learn as a team from the error.

Always report poor practice where appropriate – the people in your care have rights and you have professional responsibilities.

We are devoted to safeguarding those we care for and those we employ
We are devoted to operating Penrose Care ethically and in ways that safeguard those we care for and our employees. This is vital, as we want those who entrust their care to us to know we will still be here, five or ten years from now, providing the best care in England; those who entrust their and their family’s livelihood to us to know they will still have a secure job twenty or so years from now; and those who volunteer with us, to know that when they are in old age or infirm many decades from now, we will be able to return the kindness they showed to us and their community.

This is why our care recipients can be assured that we will not accept such agreements as block contracts where the loss of such an agreement puts our organisation and their care at risk. We will avoid long-term debt unlike many of England’s larger home care companies. When times are tough, our owners will “take the pain” to the extent possible so our staff’s families can feel secure.