Dr. Matthew Knight

Improving healthcare outcomes for the elderly

Professor Karol Sikora of the University of Buckingham believes that part of the reason that the elderly receive less treatment is due to generational differences in deference towards professionals. In this short video he advocates one simple method to help improve the quality of care you receive. Ask the specialist seeing you “Why is a more invasive treatment not suitable for me?”.

We believe that attending a medical appointment with a friend, family member or another person who can help to support you as a patient and if necessary act as your advocate is a vital part of achieving better care.

The healthcare professionals looking after you will be working their hardest to provide good quality care, but assumptions about quality of life are often made in the cases of elderly patients, and in the busy and hectic environments of hospitals and clinics, it is vital to communicate your feelings about the type of healthcare that you would want.


20 Dec 2012, “Cancer expert admits ageism exists in NHS”: 20 Dec 2012 (The Telegraph, 2012), available online here.

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