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Keep an eye out for enabling technologies out of Google X

Keep an eye out for the latest new technology to come out from Google X, its research division.

A recent acquisition of the firm Life Labs, brings to the Google X portfolio a spoon that uses a series of intricate sensors to compensate for disabling tremors experienced by patients with Parkinson’s disease. This is one such simple lifestyle enhancing technology that will hopefully be available in the not too distant future.

By compensating for tremor, this spoon enables users to feed themselves whilst reducing the risk of spilling the food contents.
Technologies such as these help promote independence and enhance quality of life.
Here at Penrose Care we will be keeping an eye out for these new technologies as they are released and keep our clients and anyone that follows our website and a blog we have on general issues on home care in London.
You can read more about healthcare developments at Google X at the following BBC article from: Google buys firm behind spoon for Parkinson’s patients

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