Disabilities Care

We found Penrose Care very approachable and very thorough in their planning, arranging and delivering of a support plan to meet the needs of our volunteer [travelling into London]… We would work with Penrose [C]are again. The other volunteers tell me the [Penrose Care support workers] interacted well with our group and the [non-Penrose Care] carer who travelled with [our volunteer] felt the care was excellent. Thank you – GO (www.grampianopportunities.org.uk, a Scottish charity for persons with disabilities and persons with mental health conditions) (July 2013)

I was happy with the support provided and would use the agency again. – client with a physical disability (July 2013)

Penrose Care strives to ensure physically and mentally disabled individuals are provided the support they need to feel enabled to live independently in their own homes with dignity and respect.

Our care professionals are selected and trained to provide excellent care with compassion to adults with a variety of disabilities, including those with sensory impairment and physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and mental health disorders. We provide specialist services for monitoring persons with epilepsy.

Following your or your loved one’s initial care assessment, we will agree with you or your loved one’s care package. Your or your loved one’s care package will be personally customised, periodically updated, and may include visits of just a few hours per day per week through to 24-7 live-in care.

We operate a unique system whereby clients first meet their primary and back-up care professionals and have the right of refusal and if necessary, choose their own care team from our staff. This ensures that you or your loved one feels comfortable around their care providers.

Care packages may include but are not limited to:

Physical support
  • Getting-up, bathing, grooming, and dressing
  • Restroom assistance & continence care
  • Eating and drinking support
  • Medication prompts
  • Support going to bed
  • Equipment sourcing support
Living support
  • Meal planning, cooking and food preparation
  • Housekeeping
  • Shopping & errands
  • Pet care & plant care
  • Assisting with leisure & social activities in the community
  • Assisting with travel arrangements
  • Assisting with GP and hospital appointments
  • Companionship, safety check-ins & monitoring
  • Sleepover & waking night care
Sensory and Physical Disabilities specific-support
  • Moving and handling done properly – clients requiring higher levels of moving and handling in the morning and nights will be supported by at least two care professionals
  • Extra support in equipment sourcing and vendor management
  • Provision of staff specially trained to care for those with visual and/or hearing impairment
  • Assistance in care and veterinary appointment attendance of guide dog
Learning Disabilities specific-support
  • Assisting in life-skills enablement
  • Assisting in social interaction development
  • Assisting in communications development
  • Assisting in gaining independence with activities of daily living
  • Specially tailored entertainment activities
  • Consistency of care provider – we’ll strive to keep the use of back-up care staff to a minimum and where necessary, ensure the care recipient has the opportunity to get comfortable with back-up care staff while with his/her primary care professional
Mental Health specific-support
  • Provision of staff with specialist training in care of those with mental health conditions
Respite Care & Carer training
  • If you or your loved one employ a personal care assistant or are supported by a family carer, we can provide temporary support to allow the assistant or carer a break or holiday
  • We can also include your personal care assistant or carer in our top-notch training programs to help improve the care you receive at home
Special projects
  • We pride ourselves in hiring smart staff that can think on their feet and help you achieve special goals such as taking up a new hobby or voluntary activity, finding an old friend you lost contact with, and numerous other things you ever thought you could do if you had a little extra help.
Services we do not provide
  • Changing or filling oxygen cylinders, cutting toe and fingernails, helping with gastric feeding, injections, rectal/vaginal suppositories, filling medication dosage boxes, applying creams or ointments, syringing your ears, tracheotomy care, and wound care.

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